‘Annyeong hasseyo’, he said…

by benrobins1

…though he had meant to say ‘thank you’. However, ‘annyeong hasseyo’ (‘hello/good day’), seems as appropriate as any other way I can think to kickstart a Korean blog.

Henceforth the ramblings of a confused and under-equipped temporary expat shall begin; it’s our first morning in Guri, and rambling is about as much as I can trust of myself. The jetlag is squeezing our brains but we’re not quite hypochondriac enough to complain to everyone yet – not that we’d be able to, anyway. Prepare yourselves for misspelled/garbled attempts at the local language later.

First and foremost: we have our own house. This is a novelty by all accounts, as Having To Share My Stuff has been a consistent theme of family and university life equally. For the time being, we are instead feeding off the generous remains of the previous tenants’ food (thanks John & Steph for the beer, ketchup and inordinate quantities of dried seaweed) and marvelling at the sheer cupboard space. Ordinarily I would praise the fact that we have a balcony but for the current echoing screams of a perturbed child in the street outside.

First impressions and fatigue are impressing on us something fierce; once we can adjust to speaking in gestures to complement our vain attempts at Korean we shall be able to feed back with something a bit more Bryson, perhaps a bit less Withnail & I. For the time being, bohemia and lighter fluid shall suffice.


Ben & Meg