Broken Records and Gangnam Style

by benrobins1

The road goes ever on and on. Seriously. It doesn’t stop until Seoul.

An educational day for all, as we start our first days of actual education (ie. not ‘get to know’/’bullshit-your-way-through-the-lesson’ exercises) and impress the native powers-that-be as much as possible.

Combine our second day with our first (and, in Meg’s case, only – he grumbled…) 10am start and you have the perfect recipe for grumbling and casual cultural obliviousness on our part. Having difficulty finding ‘normal’ cheese at ‘normal’ prices is no longer a sign of cultural diversity and comparison, it is stupid and annoying. We apologise for such bigoted thought processes.

For me, this was my first day teaching a group of middle-aged women in the morning, before the academy opens. It was also the day which I realised that the majority of Korean women appear to have discovered the Fountain of Youth; I refused and continue to refuse to believe the ages of these particular students (and, indeed, certain colleagues…), as I took many to be my age. This is, of course, before the ‘grape-to-raisin’ age of 70-80, inescapable to even the most devout of moisturiser addicts.

Another revelation to me was that it appears my arrival in Korea has coincided with a previously-sidelined internet craze known as ‘Gangnam Style’, demonstrated artfully to me in my final class by some very obliging highschoolers. In action:  The more militant internet geeks among you should already be aware of the craze, but for (some?) context: . On a less positive reflection, the school apparently shares 1 mp3-compatible CD player between 4 teachers simultaneously, so laptop-improvisation may have to take precedence in the classroom. I’m certainly not going to sing those twee little songs to the class.

Still no pause for breath, or even particularly nutritious food – for more exciting(?) photography, Watch This Space until we get a chance to actually go somewhere. On the bright side, 4 days in with as many blogs!

It’ll never last.