This is an example of a personal page – in this case, one pertaining to a certain degenerate, Benjamin James Robins, who is under the misunderstood presumption that the vast remainder of the world is remotely interested in his day-to-day endeavours. He has, however, managed to transport himself entirely legitimately and purposefully from his homestead of England, UK to South Korea in a vain attempt to better himself and flee any crimes committed in his own country. As such, he has been entrusted with the role of Teacher in Onam, Namyangju, and will be posting incessantly to this effect. If it alleviates any anger at Benjamin’s undeserved sense of fuelled self-importance, he is happy to provide a self-portrait of obscene self-abuse. Enjoy.

All photography in the blog, unless otherwise stated, is my own. I’m happy for it to be used – who doesn’t like free publicity? –  but please let me know in advance…